Your decentralized digital identity

IDntfy enables you to easily register and login to your favorite websites in just one click. You control when and with whom you share your data.

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We solve the identity problem.

An average user has one hundred user accounts, fraud & fake accounts are at an all-time high, and there’s an unprecedented number of data breaches on popular websites.

We help you manage and keep your privacy and data as secure as possible and prevent data loss.

Simpler web experience.

Scan IDntfy's QR-Code to initiate the data exchange and get access to the website and services within seconds, without the hassle of manually registering, confirming email addresses and memorizing login credentials.


Data is stored on your phone

Own your data and transact with it

Interact with other real humans

Own your data.

All your data is stored locally on your devices so you decide who has access. The rest of the information needed to complete a transaction is encrypted and stored on a decentralized blockchain.

You manage your data.

Control what information you share. Easily track your accounts and see whom you have granted access to your data.

Interact with humans you can trust

We help make the internet more secure through anonymously verifying the identity of user accounts, keeping you safe from fraud & scams.

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